Meet the woman who quit her job to take care of baby goats!

Goats of Anarchy may be the coolest sanctuary name I’ve ever heard!

Mashable has an article on Leanne Lauricella, a woman who quit the daily grind of NYC to open a sanctuary for baby goats with special needs:

“I was a new vegan and wanted to learn more about farm animals. I was so surprised to find that goats are very similar to dogs. They are so intelligent, funny and affectionate. They are each very different and have unique personalities. They are curious and extremely entertaining. The more time that I spent outside with my goats, the more I hated the thought of going to work,” she said.


Keep up the good work Leanne!


Sanctuary Spotlight – Santuario Igualdad Interespecie (Santiago, Chile)

Santuario Igualdad Interespecie is a sanctuary for animals considered “farm”. Our mission is to provide a safe and permanent home for enslaved animals who have been fortunate enough to be rescued from various centers of exploitation, such as slaughterhouses and hatcheries, or from private individuals who use them as resources.

As a sanctuary, we take care of giving the refugees all the veterinary and nutritional care they require, as well as their emotional needs. We provide everything necessary for them to develop as individuals, for the first time in their lives, without their interests being frustrated.

Since the greatest cause of suffering and death of animals comes from their use as resources to obtain meat, milk and eggs, we encourage them to stop using them in different areas of our lives, as a way to end their unjust reality. We understand that the situation of each of them is very serious, so we devote all our efforts to save as many victims as possible and to fight for a better and fairer world for them.

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