Exeter, England – Go Vegan with EFFA campaign!


For vegans, and the vegan-curious, based in or near Exteter, England, let me introduce you to EFFA:

Exeter Friends For Animals (EFFA) initiates campaigns locally and acts in support of national organisations, holding street collections and information stalls on issues such as factory farming, vivisection, live exports, fur farming, etc.

We also offer help and guidance to people seeking to go vegan, and organise a varied calendar of social events in Exeter and beyond.

EFFA is dedicated to peaceful protest and consists of a wide diversity of people and talents.

Starting March 19th, EFFA are holding the event ‘Go Vegan in 2017’, with multiple events throughout the area:

Visit the EFFA offical website or find them on Facebook for more information.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day? Ireland’s Fur Trade

NARA (National Animal Rights Association) is a voluntary, vegan, animal rights group based in Dublin, Ireland:

We have many ongoing campaigns, and are constantly out spreading awareness through our protests, demonstrations and information tables. Whether it’s a fur shop, a circus or a pharmaceutical company that funds vivisection – anywhere we find to be violating the rights of animals – we will be there.

NARA recently release the fantastic documentary, ‘Ireland’s Fur Trade’, for free on YouTube:

This is a documentary exploring the fur industry and trade in Ireland. Currently, there are three fur farms in the Republic housing roughly between 100,000-150,000 mink and there are at least dozens of shops selling real fur across the country. In 2010, the Irish gov’t pledged to ban fur farming but after the collapse of a Fianna Fáil-led coalition in 2011, Fine Gael scrapped the proposal and it’s back to square one. However, active efforts demanding both a ban on fur farming and to convince shops to remove the sale of fur continue.

NARAcampaigns.org is a highly-recommended reading, with highly detailed information on their various campaigns, global animal rights issues and local Irish vegan businesses.

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