The new sobriety: why straight edge is back

i-D magazine has an article on the ‘return’ of straight-edge, and how a new generation of teens are discovering that non-conformity is self-empowerment:

In the early 1980s, those who identified as straight edge would draw a black “X” on the back of their hands, in the same way a club owner would mark the hands of concertgoers who were too young to drink, to signify their intentions. The “X” has since become a universal symbol for those in the community, and today many edgers will rep the “xxx,” or “xvx” for vegans, in their social media bios. Veganism and vegetarianism have been adopted by many who are straight edge as another way to live clean.


And here is the seminal song from Minor Threat:

Obviously, you don’t have to be a fan of hardcore punk to be straight edge but who out there can’t identify with seeing drugs and alcohol tear down friends, family and society around you? You just need the desire to live clean and keep a clear mind. And no, this isn’t a religious sect or conservative Christian group trying to be cool with music.

Veganism/vegetarianism works well with the straight-edge mentality, and many people are proudly XVX, including outspoken vegan and animal-rights campaigner (not to mention talented musician) Moby! 

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