Animal-cruelty charge dropped against Fort Worth vet accused of keeping dog alive for its blood

Texas: where animals aren’t even safe from vets!

Dallas News reports on the case of a vet who kept a couples dog, who was turned over to be euthanized because of a spinal defect, alive for blood harvesting!

Marian and Jamie Harris of Aledo had taken their Leonberger, Sid, for treatment at Tierce’s Camp Bowie Animal Clinic in west Fort Worth in 2013. The Harrises were told that Sid needed to be euthanized because of a spinal defect. Months later, the Harrises said, a former clinic employee called them and said Sid was still alive and that Tierce was harvesting his blood for use in transfusions.


Millard Lucien “Lou” Tierce

Luckily Sid was rescued after a few months. The ‘vet’ only received a 5 year suspended license so he’ll be back at it soon.

Then there’s this sadistic fucker:


What punishment did this Texas ‘vet’ receive for this?

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners ruled Tuesday that Kristen Lindsey, the veterinarian who posted a photo of a dead tabby cat named Tiger with an arrow through its head on her Facebook last year, will have her license suspended for one year where she will not be able to practice.

This cat turned out to be a neighbors pet. Not that feral cats deserves an arrow to the head. From a ‘vet’ no less!

The ALDF have been battling hard to completely revoke her veterinary license. Why would she even want to keep it? Does she think a single pet owner would pay her for her services?

In a blog post before the killing, Lindsey wrote that her current interests include “…killing things or trying to kill things (animals, a full glass of whiskey, hangovers, etc.).”

Regarding that ‘killing a full glass of whiskey’, during the trial she was charged with a DWI!


Kristen Lindsey, pet killer and drunk driver.

Police say a car driven by Kristen Lindsey nearly hit an off-duty Precinct 5 deputy on I-10 westbound near the West Loop back in March. The deputy called in a report of an erratic driver. A Houston police officer stopped Lindsey on the South Loop at Stella Link where she ran into a curb. She was found to be impaired, arrested and charged with DWI, according to HPD.

Then we have Texas A&M University, who have a large vet school on site. What did they do wrong?

Disturbing Footage Shows A&M Dogs Used in Medical Research

Video footage shows that Kornegay’s appallingly thin dogs were caged, sometimes alone, in barren metal cells and struggled to swallow thin gruel—the only food that they could eat, given how easily they could choke. Long ropes of saliva hung from the mouths of dogs whose jaw muscles had weakened. Even balancing was difficult. Dogs with this condition are also at great risk for pneumonia because they can easily inhale liquid into their lungs.

Dogs who didn’t have the disease but carried the DMD gene were used for breeding. Deprived of loving homes, they frantically paced the slatted floors and bit the bars of small cages in frustration. They didn’t even have the comfort of a blanket.

To gauge just how much a dog’s muscles have deteriorated, Kornegay has invented a crude technique that could pass for medieval torture: He repeatedly stretches them with a motorized lever in order to cause muscle tears.

Tell Texas A&M to Stop Abusing Horses and Selling Them to Slaughter


A whistleblower from Texas A&M University—Commerce (TAMUC) leaked information to PETA that a former racehorse named Oasis Storm, also called Tina—who was used in the school’s agricultural equine program—was lame, denied veterinary care, and then killed. After a lengthy fight with the university, PETA obtained documents showing that Tina suffered for many months from an excruciatingly painful condition called laminitis. She was never provided with proper veterinary care or adequate pain relief, and when she was five months pregnant, she was shot to death by the farm manager—who is not a veterinarian—at the school. The foal was then cut out of his mother’s body and used in the school’s equine-reproduction course.

Considering that all of this evil was performed by vet’s and a veterinary school… what the fuck is going on in Texas?

respect existence or expect resistance

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