10 Dairy-Free Foods Packed With Calcium

One Green Planet has an excellent article listing 10 dairy-free foods packed with calcium.


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, making up one to two percent of a healthy adult’s body weight. 99 percent of the calcium in our body is stored in teeth and bones, and the body maintains a consistent concentration of calcium. If you are not consuming sufficient calcium through diet, your body will extract the calcium it needs from bone tissue, thereby accelerating bone loss.

If you still believe that cow’s milk gives you the calcium you need to stay healthy, then you need to update your information here!

… many scientific studies have shown an assortment of detrimental health effects directly linked to milk consumption. And the most surprising link is that not only do we barely absorb the calcium in cow’s milk (especially if pasteurized), but to make matters worse, it actually increases calcium loss from the bones.

Think of the immense suffering a dairy cow endures in her lifetime. Now understand that humans aren’t supposed to drink cow’s milk but do due to misinformation and lies. Then ask yourself: is it worth it?

Go Vegan!


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