Thinking of giving up red meat? Half measures may end up increasing animal suffering

The LA Times has an insightful article from Peter Singer on how laying off red meat and sticking to smaller animals actually increases the amount of animal suffering in the world:

If you were to eat a pound of beef a day — say a huge steak or four beef patties — you might take a year to consume a single animal. If you were instead to eat a daily pound of chicken or salmon, you might eat hundreds of animals per year.

Peter Singer is the author of the seminal book ‘Animal Liberation’ and is considered one of the worlds foremost experts in animal rights.

First published in 1975, Animal Liberation was a philosophical bombshell. It forever changed the conversation about our treatment of animals. It made people—myself included–change what we ate, what we wore, and how we perceived animals. – Ingrid Newkirk, PETA co-founder.


Animal Liberation is a must-read for all vegans and anyone interested in animal rights. You can find it on Amazon or at any good book store.

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