Secret filming shows calves at Somerset (UK) farm being punched and kicked

Animal Equality’s undercover investigation of a family-run dairy farm in England is making waves worldwide due to the violence they uncovered.

The footage shows farm workers violently punching tiny calves and kicking cows in the face.

Their sickening, but educational, video is titled ‘Dairy’s Dark Secret’:

There is still a major disconnect in smaller countries that farm animals are not abused in their country as they are in industrial farms of America.Everyone wants to believe in the myth of the happy mother cow, giving her milk to a kind farmer and it ending up in the supermarket for purchase. This is just a myth and the video above should be more than enough evidence that family-owned slaughterhouses are no less evil that their industrial cousins, though to a smaller scale.

We do not need cow milk. It’s not for us. Go Vegan!

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